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Ingredient Measurement
Flour, Sifted 1½ cup
Margarine 2 tbsp
Sugar Free powder ½ cup
Baking Powder 1 tsp
Cocoa Powder ¾ cup
Walnuts ½ tbsp

Method of Preparation:
Step 1: - Mix the margarine and sugar free powder in a mixing bowl until the sugar free powder is completely dissolved.

Step 2: - Add cocoa powder, flour, nuts, baking powder and mix well until smooth. Pour into a lightly greased glass bowl and place it in the microwave oven.

Step 3: - Select micro mode, set time for 5 minutes, and press start.

Step 4: - Remove, allow to cool, and serve.

Ingredient Measurement
Maida 150 gms
Suji 50 gms
Sugar free powder 50 gms
Vanilla essence ¼ tsp
Butter 100 gms
Almonds and Cashews A few

Method of Preparation:
Step 1: - Cream the butter and sugar free powder together till it turns fluffy. Add vanilla essence followed by maida and suji. Make a dough out of this mixture.

Step 2: - Make medium-sized balls and put cashew nuts on the top of each piece.

Step 3: Arrange them on a plate and place the container on the grill mesh rack in the oven.

Step 4: - Select convection mode, set temperature at 170°c, enter 8 minutes time, and press start. Remove, allow to cool, and serve.

Ingredient Measurement
Rice 2 cups
Milk 6 cups
Cardamom Seeds Few
Almonds Few
Saffron Threads, Soaked A pinch
Pistachio Nuts Few
Raisins (Optional) Few
Sugar free powder ½ cup
Water as Required  
Ghee 1 tbsp

Method of Preparation:
Step 1: Take a microwave oven-safe bowl, add all the ingredients except for cardamom, almonds, saffron, pistachio, and raisins, mix well.

Step 2: - Place the bowl in the microwave oven, select micro mode, set time 12 minutes, and press start.

Step 3: When the oven beeps, remove and add cardamom, almonds, mix well and cook again for 10 minutes. Serve hot.

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