Godrej & Boyce's Aerospace division partners with ISRO to put Mangalyaan on Mars

In September, 2014, the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) put Mangalyaan in Mars' orbit. This made India the only country to pull off a Mars mission on its first attempt and the first Asian country to reach the red planet.

Godrej Aerospace is proud to have partnered with ISRO on this milestone event. Our dedication to precision manufacturing and design is the reason why our engineers were able to calculate the satellite's trajectory, to the exact millisecond, a year before the launch. This is especially difficult, as the relative position of Earth and Mars is always changing.

Not just that, each component of Mangalyaan had to be lightweight, while the rocket remained in space for 10 months. The satellite was also designed to withstand extreme temperatures of outer space, ranging from +200 to -200 degree Celsius. Finally, the communications antennae accurately transmitted and received signals from Earth for the 300 day journey.

Mangalyaan, which has been orbiting since September 2014, has already relayed valuable photographs and data back to Earth. Mars is a 249 million mile-long journey; but for us, only the first stop. We still have miles to go.

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