Our integrated approach to sustainability

In line with our commitment to build an inclusive India, Godrej Interio adopted the Zilla Parishad Girls School in Shirwal, Maharashtra. Our team members interacted with the Department of Education, Maharashtra to work with schools in the region that have inadequate infrastructure facilities.

Over 250 girls attend the Zilla Parishad School and most of them belong to the underprivileged section of society. In order to build a more inclusive environment for girls and provide them with better infrastructure, cleanliness, hygiene and safety, our team crafted a design to build a model school that can be easily replicated in all government schools in India. Along with providing school furniture, we undertook infrastructure development initiatives to revamp the school.

For complete learning and development of the students we improved the layout of the school by developing a play area and garden. To enhance the aesthetics and safety, we painted the school a whole new colour and replaced the floor tiles. We waterproofed the roof, made electrical repairs, constructed new toilet blocks and refurbished the kitchen. We also setup a water tank to provide clean drinking water to the students.

To build a culture of understanding, we carried out cleaning of the entire premises and painted the walls with messages on team sports, learning and environment. We supported the school by providing high quality, child-friendly furniture, computers, science lab equipment and play equipment.

To take this initiative further, we plan to engage Godrejites by regularly volunteering at the school on health and hygiene, English speaking, sports and life skills education.

Chhayatai Jadhav, Sarpanch, Village Palashi, shared, “Government aid is minimal and it delays the development work. With Godrej Interio we have managed to change the look of the school and made it a more inspiring place to learn.”

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