Hitweed from Godrej Agrovet: Destroys weeds, protects crops

Farming is always challenging, but cotton farming comes with its own set of problems. The hard work starts long before harvest. Traditionally, farmers hire labourers to help young crops survive the onslaught of weeds - by pulling them out by hand. Left unchecked, weeds compete for nutrients with cotton plants. If they win and deprive the crop of nutrients, growth and yields suffer.

Today, farmers struggle to get enough labourers to do the work needed. To compensate, many have resorted to herbicides. Unfortunately, they often do more harm than good. While some are successful in killing weeds, their chemical content is so high, that they end up harming the cotton plants too.

That is why Godrej Agrovet developed Hitweed - the first indigenously developed selective herbicide. It targets broad-leaved weeds, not cotton plants. And works with both indigenous and genetically modified varieties of cotton.

But the story doesn't end there. Overuse of herbicides causes dangerous resistance. So, we have programmes that educate farmers on how to use Hitweed. This helps prevent resistant 'super weeds'.

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