We encourage Godrejites to volunteer their time through different programmes and initiatives. We have a structured volunteering platform that provides opportunities to our team members who are keen to engage in skill-based, longer-term volunteering projects. Our volunteers have worked on projects ranging from developing a marketing strategy for an NGO to mentoring a child from a low income background.Additionally, we facilitate day-long ground volunteering activities, online volunteering and fundraising for emergencies.

Godrej Global Volunteering Day


The annual Godrej Global Volunteering Day is a platform for our team members to connect with our communities more meaningfully. In 2016, over 2,330 Godrejitesin 11 countries across 90 schools and institutes volunteered their time to improve teaching-learning experience in schools. Our team members conducted engaging activities and reached out to over 18,000 children.

In 2015, over 1,500 Godrejites across 51 locations in 9 countries volunteered in schools to spread the message on health, hygiene and sanitation. Our team members held film screenings, conducted interactive games and initiated cleanliness drives to engage with over 15,000 children in 72 schools worldwide.

Brighter Giving


Our team members represent a diverse range of skills and perspectives. Through Brighter Giving, our skill-based volunteering programme, we provide Godrejites with long-term volunteering opportunities to help them make a meaningful impact in our communities. Every year, our volunteers take up projects that address a non-profit’s needs. We partner with Mentor Me India and iVolunteer to scope and source these projects. The projects range from mentoring an underprivileged child to building an NGO’s marketing plan and helping them revamp their websites.

World Environment Day


Close We are committed to building a Greener India, and every year on World Environment Day, our employees help bring us one step closer to our 2020 goals through volunteering.

Joy of Giving Week


Every year, we organise volunteering activities around Joy of Giving Week for our employees.

In 2016, we organised a khichdi drive at our Mumbai head office in partnership with ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, to raise awareness and funds for mid-day meals for underprivileged children in government schools. In Pune, our team members organised a sandwich drive with our non-profit partner, iVolunteer, to provide meals to children from disadvantaged communities.

In 2013, we organised donation drives for clothes and school supplies for children through the NGO Goonj. We also organised a khichdi drive at our Mumbai office with the ISKCON Food Relief Foundation, to raise awareness and funds for mid-day meals for underprivileged children in government schools.

In 2012, 400 Godrej employees across 13 locations in India, set out to spread the message of a Greener India to children from low-income backgrounds. This unique experience took our staff to rural and urban classrooms, shelter homes, orphanages and library projects across the country. The lessons included talks on energy efficiency, waste and water management and renewable energy.

Disaster Relief


As part of our disaster relief efforts, we provide support to natural disasters that hit South Asia. With contributions made by Godrejites and matching grants from the Godrej group of our-companies, we provide recovery support and settlement development. In 2015, we provided support for the Nepal earthquake relief and the Chennai flood relief fund.

Good & Green Carnival


Since 2011, we have been hosting the annual Good & Green Carnival at our head office in Mumbai. Over the two days, our NGO partners showcase their products, host workshops and conduct awareness sessions. The themes range from our Good & Green goals to celebrating our Brighter Giving volunteers and their work with our NGO partners. As a part of the Carnival, we invite children from low-income households to discover our mangroves, the largest privately managed belt of mangroves in Mumbai.

Blood Donation Drive


Three decades ago, we organised a voluntary blood donation drive at our Mumbai head office to commemorate our founders and build the spirit of giving among our team members. Over the years, the blood donation drive is now organised pan-India, and Godrejites continue to save lives. In 2015, we collected 6,451 units of blood compared to 5,020 units in 2014.