Godrej Sustainability Report

GODREJ INTERIO LOW COST SCHOOL DESK CUM BENCHES About six in ten of Vaccine procured by UNICEF, the UN’s children’s fund, must be stored at a temperature between 2°C and 8°C. Vaccines exposed to temperatures outside the recommended ranges can have reduced potency and protection. Storage and handling errors can cost thousands of dollars in wasted vaccine and revaccination Godrej Vaccine Refrigerator based on Sure Chill‘s revolutionary technology resolves these key issues and provides precise cooling solution for Health care applications. The technology maintains temperature within the 2-8-degree band, a must for storing vital medicines, vaccines and blood preservation, even in a situation of power outage of as much as 8-10 days at a stretch. It also has an advantage of having no freeze zones within the storage chamber. The technology is based on the principles It is hard to find a village in India – even in the remotest parts of the country – where there is no school. Over the last two decades, the provision of schools by the government, especially primary schools, has become almost universal. Schools are everywhere, and almost all children are enrolled in a school of some sort. This is an impressive achievement in a country as vast and diverse as India. Godrej Supports this national mission by provision of age appropriate, easy to assemble / maintain and economical school furniture range , specially designed for government programs like Sarvashiksha Abhiyan , Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan Etc. of anomalous behavior of water and uses nature as a thermostat, eliminating moving parts and de-risking the appliance for part failure. Godrej Solar Direct Drive Refrigerator, tides over the mobility and power issues in remote locations. It eliminates the Inverter and batteries altogether by directly powering the device, leading fewer parts, lesser chance of failure and maintenance cost. Godrej-Surechill Refrigerators has immense implication for Hospitals- storing vital medicines, Blood banks, Pharma Cold chains and Public health programs especially immunization programs, delivering and storing Vaccines, in India and around the globe with potential to save millions of lives. Further as a large segment of the population is grappling with basic unmet needs like access to clean drinking water , health , sanitation , diseases prevention etc, organizations have an obligation to bring out products which address such social issues. Godrej is making effort in this direction with few “ GOOD “ products addressing the needs of the underserved GODREJ VACCINE REFRIGERATOR (GVR) 82