Godrej Sustainability Report

G&B believes that its products and services need to deliver the greatest possible customer benefit, together with highest safety standards and maximum environmental and social compatibility. One of the three pillars of the Group’s sustainability vision – Good & Green is ‘Innovating for Good & Green’ products. The goal is to have a third of portfolio revenues comprising good and/or green products and services – defined as products that are environmentally superior or address a critical social issue (e.g. health, sanitation, disease prevention) for consumers at the bottom of the income pyramid. Focus is also given to customer health and safety considerations. Continuous improvement, technological advancement and consumer insights are some of the triggers which initiate the embedment of sustainability features in the Company’s products and service offerings. BUSINESS DIVISION Products Customer Health & Safety Considerations Green Features • Highly-efficient Inverter compressor • Green refrigerant R 290 or R 32. • Environment-friendly i.e. 100% CFC, HCFC and HFC Free, Protects the ozone layer • Refrigerators (BEE-certified 3, 4 & 5 stars) • Air Conditioners (BEE-certified 3 star and above) Customer Health & Safety Considerations • All the products are designed as per benchmark ergonomic standards Products Green Features • Seating furniture • Desking furniture • OPOS (Open Plan Office Systems ) • Storages • Residential Furniture • Use of E1 grade boards (low VOC emissions) • Use of low VOC adhesives (Hotmelt / water based) • Use of PEFC-certified boards • Use of lead-free powders • Green Product Certifications- Greenguard, Indoor Air Advantage, BIFMA Level, GRIHA & GreenPro Products • Mortise - Europrofile Cylinder • Door Closer • Padlock Green Features • Reduction in product weight, leading to lesser impacts during the life cycle • 21% reduction in product weight, leading to lesser impacts during the life cycle • 26.5% reduction in product weight, leading to lesser impacts during the life cycle Customer Health & Safety Considerations In line with this vision, different business divisions of the company are innovating and adopting better and improved technologies to create products that not only reduce the amount of energy consumed during production, but significantly reduces the energy requirements during the consumer use phase. The Company defines Green Products as products with at least one of the following attributes: • Reduces energy consumption by at least 20% • Reduces water consumption by at least 20% • Reduces GHG emissions by at least 20% • Uses 100% recyclable, renewable and/or natural material in product including its packaging • Eliminates toxic materials such as PVCs, BFRs, mercury, among others Locking Solutions and Systems Interio Appliances Products Customer Health & Safety Considerations Green Features • One hydraulic motor, instead of 2 used in conventional lifts • Drive and hydraulic motors are both AC (brushless and more efficient than conventional forklift with DC motors) • Use of LED lights • Zero Emissions In Use phase – safe for the driver and the environment • Electric forklift (Model - GX Neo E and GX Bravo E) • All products designed avoiding sharp edges and considering user comfort while in use. Material Handling 79