Godrej Sustainability Report

Student using STEM science lab facility at Khalapur. Improving education infrastructure and learning outcomes Working with young and emerging minds has always been a focus at G&B hence has taken up various projects with the local schools focused at creating a conducive environment for learning. The projects in this area range from improving basic infrastructure like toilets, desks, digitization of schools, creation of mini science labs, special workshops for teachers for understanding student psychology and easy methods to improve leaning outcomes of students. Initiatives taken in the past three years are as follows: • Creation of model school - Improving school infrastructure with focus on creating more class rooms, toilets, safe pathways, class room furniture, repair of roof, windows, development of play area etc. Two schools in Khalapur and Shirwal were covered in the period FY 16-19 development of play area etc. Two schools in Khalapur and Shirwal were covered in the period FY 16-19 • Support for early child education -.G&B works in this area with local Anganwadis, till date the intervention is limited to creating a colorful and vibrant learning zone. In recent past Godrej has supported in building a new Anganwadi at Madkai and improving the condition of two Anganwadis at Shirwal • Digitization of Schools - Many schools due to remote location and low enrollment level are managed by just one teacher. To support such schools G&B has given e -learning equipments and software to seven primary schools and one high school at Khalapur location • Focus on improving learning outcomes – Overall learning experience of students is ensured by having motivated and trained teachers. G&B supports programmes for teacher training in various aspects like activity-based learning, ABL concept implementation, understanding student psychology and special techniques to improve learning outcome of slow learners, students impacted due to migration. 73