Godrej Sustainability Report

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) management system Being an engineering Company, limited workforce is exposed to health hazards. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) impacts are identified, assessed and addressed through the Company’s integrated HSE management system. Identification of health-related hazards are being identified as per the statutory requirement. About 8% workforce are exposed to such hazardous processes. In addition to provision of various engineering controls, the Company provides appropriate personal protective equipment, conducts periodical workplace monitoring and medical examination of all employees, and allows only trained employees to be deployed. There have been no reported cases of health-related issues till date. To ensure effective management of safety controls, the Company has divisional and departmental safety committees which have equal representation from management and non-management cadres. Health & Safety awareness initiatives At the corporate level, occupational health and safety performance is recognized through various forums including: • Interdivisional Housekeeping Contest: Management engages two external safety experts for quarterly audit and assessment. Safety experts identify the gaps in the process and gives rating accordingly. At the end of year, based on the assessment, division are rated under three levels - Level 1 (above 90 per cent), Level 2 (80 to 89 per cent) and Level 3 (below 79 per cent). • Safety First Contest: It is the result of compilation of lag and lead indicators. Lead indicator consists hazard closure, safety kaizens, training hours, number of safety committee meetings, near miss captured and b-Safe observations. Lag indicators consists of reportable and non-reportable incidents. Negative rating in case of lag indicators. Top performing businesses are rated according to the assessment. Businesses are also expected to organize similar assessments and recognize good performers and recognise shop floor improvements and value feedbacks. Extending the safety culture across the value chain With a view to encouraging and ensuring a totally safe and healthy work environment, as a part of the formal agreements, the workmen are eligible to receive a safety incentive. In the event of any reportable accident taking place in a particular plant of a division or support services, all the workmen of that particular site, irrespective of whether they were or not were present at the site on the date of the said accident, will not be eligible to receive this Incentive for the month in which the said reportable accident has taken place. Further, as a part of formal trade agreements with the unions, workers are advised to observe all the safety regulations of the Company. The Workers’ union also agrees that it will suitably advise the Workmen and make them aware of the importance and need for observing safety regulations. To extend the safety culture across the value chain, the Company supports its suppliers in improving the health and safety performance at their workplace. Health and Safety is a part of the vendor development programme, where the suppliers are encouraged to adopt established best practices concerning the safety of their workforce. Noted: During the reporting period, no incidents were reported for female employees Overview of G&B safety performance Parameters (Unit) 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 Work related Fatal Incidents Reportable Incidents Non-Reportable Incidents Near Miss incident reported Man-Days Lost Fire Incidents Severity Rate Hazardous Incidents No. of Committee Meetings held Safety Improvement Kaizen Frequency Rate Total Training – Manhours 0 6 18 2,805 249 19 5.83 0 5725 26,997 0.14 1,93,571 0 6 9 2,951 424 18 10.89 0 5,400 25,472 0.17 1,80,822 1 8 16 3,236 6,522 9 168.04 0 5,524 25,718 0.21 1,99,865 67