Godrej Sustainability Report

EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Employee engagement at G&B involves listening to employees and tailoring the organisation’s systems, processes and practices to reflect emerging concerns. The Company believes in connecting work of employees with the larger purpose of the organisation. All new joinees undergo the ‘Leading Change’ programme which gives an opportunity to analyse one’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The programme also helps one to come up with their life’s purpose, values and vision. The purpose of this workshop is to give an insight into oneself, which would enable the person to lead a better life professionally and personally, by aligning oneself better with self-knowledge and awareness. Other mechanisms through which the Company engages with its workforce are provided below: Employee contribution towards the preparation of business plans The survey looks at various dimensions such as leadership, commitment to environment and society, work environment, job related aspects, etc. Employee contribution towards work ideas Platform for employees to express gratitude and appreciate each other for their support and guidance Enhanced motivation, enthusiasm and energy level at work. ENGAGEMENT MECHANISM ENGAGEMENT OBJECTIVES Town Halls Conferences / meets ‘Let’s Talk’ survey Kaizen fest Applause Gratitude Star Kalakaar Sports events Photothon Celebrations (festivals/occasion) Employee Voice Rewards and recognitions Events Employees performing at the finale of Godrej Star Kalakar 65