Godrej Sustainability Report

LEADERSHIP AND TALENT DEVELOPMENT As part of strengthening our leadership and talent development capabilities, one focus area was institutionalization of a structured talent management process. Talent Development Committees are formulated with an objective to identify and develop talent and all employees in the respective responsibility band. Mentors are assigned to individuals who help in creating customised Individual Development Plans. The Mentors play the role of guiding and nurturing the mentees regarding the overall development of the employee. An overview of the learning and development programmes is presented below: PROGRAMME DESCRIPTIONS Corporate Induction Programme for Lateral Recruits Godrej Leadership Induction Programme for Development and Excellence (GLIDE) Buddy Connect Training calendar Sprint Masterclass One-week induction programme for lateral joinees focusing on familiarizing them with the businesses of the Company, culture, code of ethics, values, safety, CSR and other processes related to the work environment. One-month induction programme for management graduates to enable smooth transition from academic to professional setup. The program focuses on familiarizing them with the businesses of the Company, culture, code of ethics, values, safety, CSR and other processes related to the work environment. All new recruits are aligned with buddies who help them get accustomed to the work environment in the organisation and ensure a smooth transition into the organisation. Six-monthly rolling calendar for in-house learning and development programmes based on the leadership competency framework. Specific training programmes modules are conducted across identified areas such as innovation, global adaptability and project management. The programme helps employees to work upon business ideas and helps the employees to enhance their business and strategic thinking Customised learning programmes in which industry experts are invited to share best practices, accelerated learning programme in safety, production and design which strengthen the functional capabilities of employees. TRAINING AND EDUCATION - LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMMES Capability Building and Talent Management are one of the key levers of the HR strategy at Godrej & Boyce. To further strengthen its capabilities, a structured leadership development and talent management process has been established to help identify and nurture leaders in the organisation. The leadership competency framework was reviewed and revised with inputs from the senior leadership, industry experts and learnings from best global practices with a view to enhancing the same keeping in mind the changing business environment. The competency framework is aligned with other HR processes and systems in talent acquisition and placement, capability building and development, performance management, rewards and recognition, growth and development, succession planning and so on. The Capability Building framework of the organisation focuses on short-term and long-term programmes to develop technical, functional, behavioural and leadership competencies of employees for their present roles and career development. Learning and development programmes and other interventions are aligned to the same. 63 PERFORMANCE AND CAREER DEVELOPMENT REVIEWS The performance culture of the Company drives leadership by encouraging empowerment, accountability and ownership through SMART goals. It helps employees align their personal ‘mission’ to a nobler purpose in line with the business. The Company’s philosophy on performance management process is based on differentiating performance. It is a tool used to deploy business strategy to individual employee levels and facilitate achievement of business goals and targets. The business objective is cascaded to departmental key focus areas further cascaded to an individual’s key result areas and goals. It focuses on employee development through communication of clear expectations, support and guidance being provided in achieving goals, freedom of operation, objective feedback and fair assessment, and reward and recognition. There is an emphasis on building competencies in technical and leadership areas as part of personal development. All employees receive regular performance and career development reviews.