Godrej Sustainability Report

CASE STUDY Sustainable Supplier Base M/s Windsor Industries Pvt. Ltd. Resource Conservation Initiatives Objective To enhance the productivity and contribute to environment through Green practices across the industry. Intervention TM/s Windsor Industries Pvt. Ltd. is the key supplier to Godrej Appliances ,Mohali Division and is part of various initiatives like Godrej supplier cluster programme ,Resource efficiency, and implemented various projects in the area of Energy, Water and Emission of Green house gases reduction wrt Green Co Journey for SMEs .The following are the key initiatives taken by the supplier: ENERGY WATER GHG EMISSION WASTE Resource Conversation Projects Implemented Installation of New Generation compressors Installation of APFC panels to main power line. 100% implementation of LED lights in the plant Installation of transparent roofs in the plant Intsallation of VFD(Variable frequency Drives on the machines in BOPP Tape plant. Rain Water harvesting system implemented Push taps installs at wash basins and drinking water areas 100% water reuse in process ensured to stop wastage of water Usage of Water Sprinklers for Garden irrigation. ECO urinals implemented.. Scrubber installed to control air pollution and emission to environment Implementation of Milk Run System for customer deliveries Use of Green gas to Top-up air conditioners Transport optimization for GAD through delivery in bigger size vehicle Transport optimization by hiring local employees within 5 km radius Recycling of transformer oil after filtration through authorised recycler EPS Waste to solid mass converter used as RM for other products(Recycled) Recycling of wooden scrap for making boxes for export consignment Recycling brown paper for making carry bags Modification in moulds Benefits Achieved M/s Windsor Industries has achieved remarkable reduction of Average 29% wrt Specific energy consumption ,Specific water consumption and Green House gases emission intensity. These factors have enabled the supplier to get Greenco Gold Certification in June 2017 Gold Award received at 2nd National Kaizen Circle competition 2019 for Improving the process capability CII National Competitiveness Award in 5S Excellence Mr. P.S Sahni Director Windsor Industries Pvt. Ltd. We in Windsor Industries always have a goal to develop customer based, result oriented platforms for achieving Manufacturing Excellence. And keep on exploring the possible opportunities to develop the way. For achieving that we came across Godrej Supplier cluster programme followed by CII Greenco journey for SMEs,CII resource efficiency programme,Making factory smart by Digitization(Industry 4.0),continuously benchmarking for best industry practices by participating in various competition at National level .Sustaining all improvements has been achieved through Digitization as online factory performance dashboard is always available. Energy (kWh/MT) Water (Lit/person/day) Waste (kg/MT) 27% 26% 31% 30% GHG Emissions (MT Co2e) Reduction over 3 years Testimonial 56