Godrej Sustainability Report

The Company has in place well established processes for monitoring and managing different categories of waste generated in its operations. No significant spills were reported during the reporting period. Total waste generated and disposed *Excludes disposal of empty barrels/containers/liners contaminated with hazardous chemicals/waste and used batteries sent to authorised recyclers, as per below break-up, which are sent to authorised vendors for recycling tyres. Sent to authorised vendors Recycling or upcycling (wherever possible) 321 9,712 273 9,651 255 9,970 METHOD OF DISPOSAL TYPE (IN MT) Hazardous* Non-hazardous# FY 2016-17 FY 2017-18 FY 2018-19 EFFLUENTS AND WASTE G&B’s waste management practices are designed to reduce the environmental impact associated with waste generation and disposal. The Company focusses on reduction of waste generation at source, segregation for better management and responsible disposal. Under the ‘Greener India’ goal, the Company had set ambitious targets to reduce the generation of hazardous waste by 40 per cent and ensure zero non-hazardous waste to the landfills by 2020. G&B has also set up a solid waste recycling facility in the premises to manage entire solid waste generation at Pirojshanagar, Vikhroli, as a step towards a ‘Zero waste to landfill’ goal under ‘Greener India’. The Company manages solid Waste generated from its manufacturing, leased and residential premises at Vikhroli by adopting the 4R approach. Approximately 10,350 MT of solid waste was processed by during last 3 years, out of which 8,359 MT was composted and 1,964 MT of dry waste was sent for recycling. By doing this, the Company has avoided 10,350 MT of waste burden on city landfills as shown in the graphic below: waste management yard at Godrej Appliances plant at Shirwal 46 39% reduction achieved 99.8% Non-hazardous waste diverted from landfill TARGET STATUS 40% reduction in generation of specific Hazardous Waste by FY 18-19 Zero waste to landfill FY 18-19