Godrej Sustainability Report

At Godrej Interio’s Shirwal plant, thermic fluid heater (TFH) is used to heat the thermic fluid for wood working processes. The fuel used in TFH is the briquettes which contain agro-waste, saw dust and other biomass. After combustion, the exhaust flue gases are emitted in air at temperature of 120 Degree C. The Plant has implemented a waste recovery system with installation of heat pipe technology. The waste heat in hot flue gases which are emitted to air at 120 Degree C is captured through heat pipe and used to preheat the inlet air to TFH. The inlet air temperature is increased by around 40 Degree C as compared to earlier inlet air atmospheric temperature. The increase in inlet air temperature decreases the requirement of heat required from briquettes and increase combustion efficiency. Further to the installation of heat pipe, the standard operating procedure of briquette feeding was revised post mapping of wood briquette quantity required per hour. Challenge Waste Heat Recovery Through Heat Pipe - Godrej Interio Shirwal Plant Intervention This waste heat recovery through installation of heat pipe benefited in increasing inlet heat temperature by 40 Degree C. This helped in increasing the combustion efficiency of TFH resulting in reduction of briquette consumption by 90 Tons per annum. Benefits CASE STUDY • Thermic Fluid Heater using Biomass as fuel • Heat Pipe system for waste heat recovery • Drying of Briquettes using exhaust of compressed air 40