Godrej Sustainability Report

Energy Efficiency and Reduction of energy requirements of products and services 16-17 16-17 16-17 16-17 16-17 16-17 17-18 17-18 17-18 17-18 17-18 17-18 17-18 17-18 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 18-19 Conversion of DX type water cooler to chilled water cooling system Inverter based Welding Machine Servo Motor For IMD Evaporative Cooling for Shop floor Installation of VFD for Compressor Auto timer cut off valve for Compressed Air System Replacement of ATH operation with Electric Heater Installation of Centralize Screw HVAC System Installation of Energy Efficient Motor for Mechanical press brake Prodcuer Gas Plant for Heating Application Use of Low Temperature Chemical to Eliminate Pump in PT Line Waste Heat Recovery at Compressor Modification in Paint Booth blower System Installation of 1 MW Solar Rooftop Project Energy Efficient 2 Stage Air Compressor Installation Installation of IFC and Optimization of compressed air uasge Industry 4.0 Enabled realtime Energy Monitoring System Reducing Compress. Air Leakges Servo Motor Installation at 1200/800 IMD Machine Instllation of VFD for Compresor Waste Heat Recovery at Heat Pipe VFD for Hot air ciculation blower in paint shop Vikhroli Chennai Shirwal Shirwal Bhagwanpur Vikhroli Mohali Vikhroli Vikhroli Bhagwanpur Vikhroli Shirwal Vikhroli Shirwal Vikhroli Vikhroli Vikhroli Vikhroli Shirwal Bhagwanpur Shirwal Vikhroli LOCATION YEAR PROJECT TITLE To extend the savings across the value chain, The Company is also encouraging its business divisions to innovate and develop products that significantly reduced the energy requirements during the ‘consumer use’ phase. G&B has estimated that through energy efficient star label refrigerators, over 22 million units of electricity are saved each year 39