Godrej Sustainability Report

33 THE VALUE CHAIN APPROACH TO SUSTAINABILITY G&B values integrity, trust, service and respect for individuals, society, and for the environment. The Company prides itself for being one of India’s most respected corporate houses, driving sustainable growth for all. Since its inception, the Company has been following innovative and sustainable pathways towards long term business sustainability, forming an inherent connection between the people, planet and profit. The Company’s sustainability approach has resulted in innovative initiatives, and strategic partnerships, positively impacting the environment and society. G&B is evolving from focussing on its own operations to looking at the entire value chain, from its suppliers to its customers. By doing so, the Company is forging a new path towards sustainability across the value chain. Aiming to become net positive, the Company is constantly working to restore and revitalise the ecosystems and communities it operates in. G&B endeavours to positively impact its value chain and measures its performance based on the long-term sustainable value generated. The Company has focussed on aligning its efforts and initiatives to the global and national priorities, including the UNSDGs, and has mapped its efforts with pertinent goals, disclosing its performance through the SDG compass. In conjunction with sustainability approach, and the vision for ‘brighter living’, the Company has developed a long-term vision for playing a key role in creating a more inclusive and greener India. Through its ‘Good & Green’ vision, the Company, by 2020, aspires to do the following: Ensuring Employability India has 600 million people below the age of 25 out of which only 80 million (13 per cent) are employable. The effort is going to be on skilling these people such that they become employable. The Company’s goal is to train 1 million rural and urban youth in skilled employment. Innovating for Good & Green Products G&B’s goal is to have a third of its portfolio revenues comprising good and/or green products and services – defined as products that are environmentally superior or address a critical social issue (e.g. health, sanitation, disease prevention) for consumers at the bottom of the income pyramid. Creating a Greener India For the Company’s businesses to truly become sustainable, efforts will be focused on creating carbon neutral, zero waste, water positive and energy efficient businesses. The Godrej Group has already been working on these goals as we are signatories to the CII code for Mission of Sustainable Growth (MSG) which is a 10-point programme for ecologically sustainable business growth. Community Development Help develop communities around the Company’s facilities outside Mumbai. The four focus areas of community development are: • Education • Environment • Health & Sanitation • Livelihood While, the ‘Good & Green’ vision lays the foundation for the Company’s long-term vision and a set of time-bound commitments, the Company is taking significant actions to embed sustainability principles across its business operations and supply chain aimed at positive outcomes and long-term value for the society at large.