Godrej Sustainability Report

STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT G&B continues to place great emphasis on being receptive to the expectation of its stakeholders which allows the Company to continually recalibrate its approach on the most pertinent issues identified by its internal and external stakeholders. The inputs and insights received from these engagements serve as an opportunity to address emerging risks and leverage opportunities for holistic value creation, thereby ensuring continuity and competitiveness. This year, G&B undertook an extensive stakeholder engagement and materiality analysis exercise. As a part of the engagement, focussed consultations were conducted with the following stakeholder groups, that led to STAKEHOLDER ENGAGEMENT Senior Management Employees Customers Dealers Suppliers Industry Associations identification and prioritization of material topics for the Company. G&B ensures that its engagement strategies are designed to identify the needs of the stakeholder groups. This focussed approach of engaging with stakeholder groups also allows the Company to mainstream its sustainability approach across the value chain. G&B engages with a wide spectrum of stakeholders on a continual basis through a combination of several predetermined, structured, and need-based engagement mechanisms. A summary of the engagement mechanisms is provided below: 27