Godrej Sustainability Report

BUSINESS In 1956 Godrej become the rst large business house to enter business of material storage. Since then have been visionaries and market leaders for over 5 decades in India in the eld of Storage & Material Handling with world-class design, manufacturing, project management, distribution & after sales support to service. they o er cost-e ective and end-to-end solutions with products ranging from Slotted Angle Shelving, Selective Pallet Racking to integrated man-less intelligent Warehousing Solutions. Godrej Appliances began its journey in 1958 with the very rst refrigerator in India. Today, it has a market presence in white goods such as refrigerators, air conditioners, washing machines , microwave ovens and B2B products like chest freezers and vaccine refrigerators as well. Lawkim is a specialist motor manufacturer, in business since 1961. Lawkim joined Godrej in October 2008. It also has equipment calibration laboratories in Mumbai, Pune, Vapi and Chennai. Godrej Material Handling is India's largest manufacturer of Lift trucks. They manufactured rst forklift in India in 1963 and till date have manufactured more than 45,000 of equipment of varied capacities. The product range includes diesel powered forklifts upto 25 tonnes, electric battery powered forklifts upto 5 tonnes, warehousing equipment and special trucks for speci c applications. they also manufacture retro t attachments for addressing a wide range of handling applications besides o ering attachments made by international specialists in the eld where the application demands. Godrej Process Equipment is a leader in fabricating unit static equipment for process industries. Established in 1976, Godrej Process Equipment manufactures the entire range of process equipment for end-users in core industry segments like re neries, petrochemicals, fertilizers, oil and gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and power around the world. Godrej Aerospace, engaged in hi-tech aerospace manufacturing activities, started in 1985 with development of critical, high-precision spacecraft components, made from exotic alloys. Currently, they make systems for land, air and outer space application equipment. Started in 2007, Godrej Vending produces high-quality table-top beverage vending machines for the world market in collaboration with Veromatic International BV of the Netherlands. The latest technologies, stringent quality control and excellent after sales service are the key ingredients that have made Godrej Vending a trusted name. Storage Solutions Appliances Lawkim Motors Material Handling Process Equipment Aerospace Vending 1956 1958 1961 1963 1976 1985 2007 13