Godrej & Boyce’s study on sustainable construction practices reveals, hands on design-build experiences is a necessity for architecture education

~The study highlights that over 75% respondents believe that engagement with industry practitioners as a part of their curriculum will better equip them to drive sustainable spaces ~

October 2022: On this World Architecture Day, Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of Godrej Group, released a study that the conglomerate, with presence across construction, consumer durables, industrial products, intralogistics among many others, has conducted with students across 22 architecture colleges. With ESG at its core and across the value chain at Godrej & Boyce, the study titled as ‘Building Sustainable Future, Together’, has been conducted with the intent to empower the next generation of students that will play an instrumental role in taking forward India’s sustainability goals.

The study found that over 46% of respondents were aware of the technologies that would accelerate green innovations in the architecture and design segment. This portrays that the remaining respondents, nearly 54% have a lack of hands-on experience during their academic course. On the flip side, 25% of students believe that their current curriculum can empower them to address the need for developing sustainable projects.

Most believe that the shift in needle will also be seen once the end consumer is more conscious of a sustainable lifestyle. 57% respondents believe that there is a need for increased awareness amongst the end-consumer for them to opt for sustainable projects. Over 45% believe that there is a need for regulations, making sustainable practices mandatory. However, a whopping 47 % were unsure about it, signalling a significant knowledge gap.

When asked if corporates should increase their engagement with students through guest lectures, dedicated sessions, and increased internship opportunities, a staggering 92.4% agreed to the need.

Commenting on the study, Anup Mathew, Sr. VP and Business Head, Godrej Construction and head of G&B’s Greener India Council said, “We conducted the study to understand how the next generation of architects can deploy their skills for creating sustainable built environments for the future. The study has unveiled some very important points that needs to be addressed to help meet the global sustainability goals”

The respondents to the study were united on one aspect: architects and designers should be given the proper technical training and expertise, which is just as crucial as persuading end users to choose green products. Most concede that sustainable practises should be incorporated right from the start of projects—in the architectural basis. Even while there is awareness, the majority believe obligatory rules are insufficient to promote sustainability in the building and infrastructure sector.

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Slated on October 3, the construction sector is looking to educate itself about sustainable practices in the architectural and design stages for increased effectiveness. For this, the knowledge about sustainable practices needs to be inculcated in design and architecture students so that green construction starts from the very inception of projects. However, more than half the students of architecture and design feel they need to be equipped with the right technical skills to shape sustainable projects. Furthermore, only one in four architecture students believe that the present curriculum empowers them to address the current need to develop sustainable projects in the country.

The findings emerged from a study conducted by Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, conducted among students from 22 focused architecture and designing institutes across the country, to gauge the level of awareness and knowledge gaps pertaining to sustainability among students. Based on this, the company released a study titled as part of its move to drive the message of sustainability into the young as they embark on their careers as designers and architects.