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75% of Chandigarh residents are concerned about protecting their families and homes from illness or disease owing to the pandemic – Reveals Godrej Security Solutions survey

~This data was revealed in a survey called ‘Cocoon Effect on Home and Health Security’ by Godrej Security Solutions

Chandigarh, 31 August 2021: A study titled the ‘Cocoon Effect on Home and Health Security’ by Godrej Security Solutions, a business of Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group, has revealed that 75% of citizens residing in Chandigarh are concerned about protecting their families and homes from illness or disease, up from 51% prior to the pandemic.

With rising cases, there has also been a shift in focus towards health and safety, which reflected in their purchasing priorities. Only 13% respondents admitted to having purchased health security gadgets such as UV cases, sterilisers, etc. pre-pandemic as opposed to 44%, who now see the importance of investing in such products. The study also found that over 50% of people are indicating an intent to invest up to the tune of INR 50,000 to ensure the health and safety of their family members. With the ease of lockdown restrictions and gradual re-opening of activities, it has become more crucial than ever for individuals to take charge of their health security. These changes in consumer behaviour are expected to persist even after the pandemic recedes.

With the gradual relaxation of lockdowns and social distancing norms, people are now required to take charge of their health security to curb the spread of the virus. Adopting additional health security measures to eliminate or minimise any exposure to this highly contagious virus while stepping out of home or being at home is imperative. Godrej Security Solutions, the provider of home and commercial Security Solutions in India, has released the results of its study, the ‘Cocoon Effect on Home and Health Security' to not only showcase how the idea of home safety has transformed before and during the pandemic, but also generate awareness about the need of home and health security solutions going forward.

Commenting on the survey outcome, Mehernosh Pithawalla, Vice President, Godrej Security Solutions said, “There has definitely been a shift in India's attitude towards well-being and adoption of health and home security solutions, which can be attributed to the pandemic, which has led to the Cocoon Effect among citizens. An increasing number of citizens are now looking at securing their families by adopting new age health security gadgets. However, only 22% of Chandigarh people are fully aware of certifications from relevant authorities while purchasing health security products. It is thus an attempt by Godrej Security Solutions to highlight India's 'security deficit' that is now undergoing a stark change as consumers are adopting an inside-out approach by taking charge of their home and health security.”

Godrej Security Solutions estimates that the total addressable health and home security market for FY 2021-22 in the country will reach around INR 450 cores with a CAGR of 20%, given the rising adoption rate and demand for home and health security products.

About Godrej Security Solutions
Godrej Security Solutions is a division of Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd and part of the USD 4.1 billion Godrej Group. A pioneer and leader in the business, Godrej Security Solutions Division is the largest manufacturer and marketer of Security Solutions in India. It is the largest supplier of security solutions to several prestigious banking, corporate and public institutions. For the first time in the category and the industry, Godrej Security Solutions Division has been awarded the Superbrand status. It has also won the “Most Preferred brand” award in the Home Segment. The Division currently exports its products to over 45 countries including Middle East Asia, South East Asia, Far East Asia, East Africa, the US, Europe and the SAARC Countries.

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