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Godrej & Boyce introduces E-Switch Technology – a First in India for General Purpose Motors

- The new electronic switch technology will replace the conventional Open Circuit Switch and Centrifugal Gear Assembly in single phase motor
- Aims to achieve 30% share of the addressable market


Mumbai, 25th October 2021: Godrej & Boyce, the flagship company of the Godrej Group announced that its business Godrej Lawkim Motors, today launched the electronic switch (E-Switch) technology for its range of general-purpose motors.This will replace the erstwhile centrifugal switch technology to enable a seamless switch over of start windings in its single-phase motors thereby significantly improving the motor’s reliability.

With new advancements in technology, there has been a rising trend of developed countries switching to electronic switch motors in the industry to create environmentally friendly and minimal maintenance motors with a compact design. Godrej Lawkim Motors is the first in India to introduce and shift to E-Switch technology that prevents sparking at the contact point and eliminates unwanted noise previously experienced with a centrifugal gear assembly.

The modern development of the E-Switch technology by Godrej Lawkim Motors promises a longer motor life – twice that of the centrifugal switch and uses no hazardous substances in its augmentation. The E-Switch technology eliminates moving parts for an electrical connection switch over. It is also easily replaceable, user friendly, and thereby, saves time and maintenance cost.

The E-Switch motor is intuitively designed to detect lock-rotor conditions and provide warnings in the event of an overload. Xercsis K Marker, Executive Vice President & Business Head, Godrej Lawkim Motors said, “There was a critical need to transition from the conventional Open Circuit Switch technology to make advancements in motor technology and thereby enhance the manufacturing process. After extensive field research and testing, Godrej Lawkim Motors is delighted to launch India’s first E-Switch technology that will serve sustainably across all sectors including Agriculture, Food, Dairy, Domestic, and Construction. Currently, we are aiming to achieve 30% of the market share for 100S frame motors. With the new E-Switch technology, we hope to offer an enriched experience and higher value benefits to our customers thus making their work safer and more efficient.”

These general-purpose motors are useful across sectors and find its application in areas such as monkey lifts, wood working machines, air compressors, betel cutting machines, milking, mixing of paints, agri-machinery etc.

About Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co. Ltd.

Godrej & Boyce ('G&B'), a Godrej Group Company, was founded in 1897 and has contributed to India's journey of self-reliance through manufacturing. G&B patented the world's first springless lock and since then, has diversified into 14 businesses across various sectors from Security, Furniture, Aerospace to Infrastructure and Defence. Godrej is one of India’s most trusted brands serving over 1.1bn customers worldwide daily.

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