Innovating for Good & Green Products

We strive to deliver the greatest possible customer benefit through our products and services with the highest safety standards, minimal adverse environmental impact and optimum social compatibility.

One of the pillars of our Good & Green vision is to ‘Innovate for Good & Green’ products. Our goal is to have a third of portfolio revenues from Good and/ or Green products and services by 2021, which currently account for 24%.

Green products are those that have a minimal negative impact on the environment. These offerings range from Energy-efficient Appliances, Eco-friendly and Low-VOC Furniture, Chrome-free Locks, Electric Forklifts, Intelligent Flow Control Systems (IFCs), Recycled Concrete Blocks, Green-certified AAC blocks, Green Ready-Mix Concrete, Energy-efficient Motors to Green Building Consultancy services.

Good products address critical social issues, such as health, sanitation, disease prevention for individuals at the bottom of the income pyramidlike vaccine refrigerators and low-cost furniture for rural schools.

The overarching focus for both Good and Green products is planet and people health, safety and wellbeing.

In line with this vision, the G&B businesses innovate and adopt better technological platforms to create products that not only reduce the amount of energy consumed during the production cycle but importantly we aim to significantly reduce the overall energy utilisation during the lifetime use of the product.




Scholar is a simple yet functional two-seater desk / bench solution with a shelf. It is easy to assemble and maintain, making it an ideal offering for rural schools in India. Scholar is Greenguard Gold Certified as it is made using low emitting boards, glues and surface coating material. Scholar offers exceptional value and is also offered under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan as well as various other government schemes.


Green Buildings


Sustainable thinking forms the core of Godrej Properties Limited's (GPL) development proposition. The GPL Design Studio has dedicated environmental planners and sustainability experts who jointly consult with industry experts on every project. The Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) has developed a rating system for the development lifecycle of buildings, homes and neighbourhoods. 100 per cent of our inventory launched in FY 2013-14 was pre-certified under this rating system.

Our comprehensive approach to sustainable development starts early on in the design phase through to construction, delivery and finally use of our buildings. Early climatic studies and utilising stimulation tools such as energy modelling help us evaluate site selection, plan sustainable communities and reduce energy and water consumption in buildings. This in turn helps with optimising operational resource footprint and potentially translates into energy bill savings for our customers. We also encourage the use of locally sourced construction material, which reduces carbon miles from transport and supports the growth of local industries.