CSR Action Plan for FY 2020-21

CSR 2020-21

In line with our CSR policy and the national priority for the year, our FY 20-21 CSR plan is to focus on three critical areas:
1. COVID Outreach
2. Ensuring Employability
3. Community Development

Covid Outreach Program:

Novel coronavirus and the resultant pandemic has put tremendous strain on many communities across India, as the enforcement of lockdowns limited the supply of essentials to many rural and urban communities. Godrej & Boyce is committed to supporting and uplifting communities across India, especially in the current scenario.

For the year, our COVID outreach activities will focus on

• Support for necessities like cooked meals, dry ration, sanitation products, PPEs for badly affected communities like migrant labour or vulnerable communities.
• Critical medical equipment, healthcare furniture, PPEs and operation support for PHCs, hospitals and isolation centres.
• Support of PPEs, cooked meals, logistics for community workers.
Location: Plant locations, Branch locations and other locations based on management discretion.

Godrej DISHA – Ensuring Employability

Through collaboration with non-profit organizations and social enterprises, Godrej DISHA will continue training in vocational skills relevant to our businesses. These include sales, service, rural entrepreneurship, construction, manufacturing, and technical training.
To ensure continuity of training, even during disruptions like lockdowns and travel restrictions in various part of the country, special efforts shall be taken towards digital content and digital infrastructure to train students enrolled with the VTPs. One-time special support shall be provided to implementation agencies for requirements such as trainer salaries, AMC for training equipment etc.
Location: Pan India

Community Development:

In this challenging time, we are committed to standing with the communities in which we operate. Our Community Development programs will continue in all regions with an added scope of COVID awareness campaigns support to local authorities for screening, testing, and creating isolation facilities.

Further, we shall continue to work on our four focus areas of community development:

• Education:

For the year, we will continue working on School Infrastructure Development by creating e-Learning facilities to enable distance learning and teachers' capacity building to adapt to the new online teaching-learning process.
Locations: Khalapur, Shirwal, Madkai & Bhagawanpur

• Environment:

Projects related to water recharge, water body rejuvenation, wastewater management and support to afforestation activities will continue.
Locations: Khalapur, Shirwal, Mohali & Chennai

• Health & Sanitation:

The Pandemic has highlighted the need to work on Health and Sanitation issues on an urgent basis. Therefore, for the year, we shall continue our work on projects such as Child Growth Monitoring, Preventive Healthcare for Women, access to safe drinking water, community-based solid water management and wastewater management, with a renewed vigour.
Locations: Khalapur, Shirwal, Bhagawanpur & Dahej

• Livelihood:

The Pandemic, due to its large-scale impact on economic activities, is likely to limit the livelihood generation capacity of many households. Our CSR program will continue to support communities around us by working on projects related to income enhancement for farmers and other vulnerable communities. This program will assist the new small scale youth or women-led enterprises and ensure continued support for small scale women-led enterprises created in the past.
Locations: Khalapur, Shirwal, Mohali, Bhagawanpur, Vadodara & Dahej