InsuliCool and InsuliCool+ Pens and Vials Compatibility

Please find below the dimensions of Insulin Vials, Pens and Cartridges that easily fit into the InsuliCool and InsuliCool+ Products

SL No Brand of Insulin Vial/ Pen Vial/Pen Capacity (In ml) Dimensions (length, diameter)
1 Nova Nordisk Vial 10 L-5.7 cm x D-2.4 cm
2 Biocon Vial 5 L-4.3 cm x D-2.0 cm
3 Biocon Vial 3 L-3.8 cm x D-1.5 cm
4 Lantus Pen 3 L-16.7 cm x D-1.5 cm
5 Nova Nordisk Pen 3 L-15.6 cm x D-1.4 cm
6 Lantus Cartridge 3 L-6.5 cm x D-1 cm
7 Generic Injection 1 L-11.7 cm x D-0.8 cm
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