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WT 650 CF  
Fully Automatic Washing Machine with Fuzzy Logic

Capacity: 6.5 kg                                                     
WT 650 CF               Rs. 16,960/-
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Fuzzy Logic
Fuzzy Logic
Senses the quantity and quality of wash load to determine the water level and wash cycle appropriate for the wash load.
  • Truly Automatic Washing Machine
  • Washing, rinsing and spin drying happens with a single selection on the control panel.
  • Makes washing truly automatic.
Save Settings
Water Optimizer
Before the start of the entire wash cycle, press this button so that as the various processes take place, the machine keeps saving them in memory as the Favourite Program
  • One Touch Start
    - One can define and save his/her own program using Save Settings function as Favourite Program
    - Greater Convenience to you since they don't need to select the entire process again
    - Truly One Touch Start
Water Optimizer
Spin Free Mode
This customized water level selector allows you to add some 'Extra' water at any selected water level.
  • Unlimited water levels
    - Allows you to select any water level between the 4 pre-set levels
  • Optimum Use Of Water
    - The most efficient wash uses only enough water to cover the clothes. 'Extra' water option allows you to use only as much water as required. Thus helps in saving water by making optimum use of it.
Dry Tap Protection
Dry Tap Protection
If the water flow stops during the water filling process, the machine starts hibernating. If the water level shows no rise in level in the next 15 minutes the machine indicates by flickering LEDs.
  • Protects the water inlet valve from burning out over time
Auto Restart With Memory Back-Up
Auto Restart
Ensures that your program settings stay the way you had set them in case of a power failure.
  • Don't need to restart the process from the beginning when the power supply resumes
  • Need not manually restart. The machine resumes on its own
Auto Balance System
Auto Balance System
If there is an imbalance in the wash load, the machine automatically stops, tries to redistribute the load evenly and resumes washing
  • You can continue your work, without worrying about the machine stopping because of uneven load
Other Features
  • Digital Display
  • To show the remaining time for the cycle, remaining time in case of Delay Start and also to show the number of rinses left.
  • Child Lock
  • Allows machine keys to be locked during operation.
  • Advantages:
  • - This prevents unintended changes during a wash cycle
  • - Prevents accidents by interaction with kids
  • Dual Air Vents
  • Through the principles of centrifugal force during the spin cycle, fresh air is sucked in and stale air is expelled through the dual air vents
  • Advantages:
  • - For Faster Drying
  • - This circular and continuous air flow enables faster and more effective drying of clothes during spin, ensuring completely fresh and clean clothes
  • 6 Wash Programs
  • It provides the flexibility of choosing the right program from Fuzzy, Normal, Gentle, Strong, Wool & Favourite.
  • Advantages:
  • - Helps in preserving clothes by washing them in ways that are safest for the fabric
  • Toughened Glass Window
  • 2-Years warranty

*As compared with select models in similar segment under specific test conditions by Internal Laboratory.
In view of the Godrej policy of continuous development, these features, specifications and colors are subject to change without prior notice.